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WOF 102: Affirmative Orthodoxy

Today we continue our discussion of the eight principles of the Word on Fire Movement by focusing on the fifth principle, “Affirmative Orthodoxy.” This term, originating with John Allen, Jr., refers to a positive presentation... Read More
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WOF 100: Listener Q&A with Bishop Barron

Today we celebrate the hundredth episode of “The Word on Fire Show”! It’s hard to believe we’ve reached that mark. But to celebrate, we decided to focus on you, our listeners, and your wonderful questions.... Read More
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WOF 099: How to Reach the “Nones”

This week, Bishop Barron is giving the annual “Erasmus Lecture” for First Things, where he’ll speak on “Evangelizing the ‘Nones’.” That’s the them of this episode, which explores why young people are becoming disconnected to... Read More
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