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WOF 096: Aquinas and the Arguments for God (Part 1 of 2)

A viral YouTube video titled “Aquinas and the Cosmological Arguments” (750,000+ views) claims that Thomas Aquinas’ arguments for God have been decisively refuted. But have they? Bishop Barron responds to the video and shows that... Read More
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WOF 095: How to Have a Religious Argument

Listen to Bishop Barron’s talk at the Facebook HQ, which has already been heard over 275,000 times. Every day, millions of people argue about religion on social media. The comboxes of religious and atheist sites... Read More
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WOF 093: Bishop Barron at Facebook

Today (September 18), Bishop Barron will be speaking to Facebook employees at their headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, on “How to Have a Religious Argument.” (The talk will be livestreamed on Bishop Barron’s Facebook page... Read More
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