We all face the Big Questions of life. Whether we’re religious or not, we wonder about God, identity, meaning, morals, and death. Bishop Barron tackles some of these Big Questions and compares how the world generally answers them with how the Catholic Church responds. A listener asks about the relationship between God’s providence and our free will.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:14  – The power of spiritual fatherhood
  • 2:44 – Father Barron, Bishop Barron, or Grandpa Barron?
  • 2:54 – Question #1 – Does God exist?
  • 6:19 – The big “why?” question
  • 8:40 – Question #2 – Who am I?
  • 12:05 – What about those who reduce all life to “genetic machines”?
  • 13:11 – Question #3 – What is the meaning of life?
  • 17:21 – Do we just make up meaning for ourselves?
  • 18:54 – Question #4 – What is moral and immoral?
  • 23:00 – How do we discover what’s right and wrong?
  • 26:18 – Question #5 – What happens after death?
  • 30:22 – Bishop Barron’s one-sentence answer to each Big Question
  • 31:27 – Question from listener: Where does God’s providence end and our free will begin?

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5 comments on “WOF 024: The 5 Big Questions Everyone Asks in Life

  1. Stephen May 25, 2016

    Great show. I teach a how topic on those five questions and I come to very similar answers to the Bishop with my students. Keep up the great work.

  2. Mary Clifford May 25, 2016

    That was thoroughly illuminating! Really appreciated the philosophy tutorial on concepts from Aristotle and Aquinas: now I understand why Aristotle is important to the Catholic worldview. Thank you for a dazzling synopsis of the meaning of life as God-marked hybrids rationally and freely choosing the good God sets before us in a fellowship journeying back to Him.

  3. Francis DeSales Cumberland Jun 23, 2016

    Dear Bishop Barron,

    This was an ambitious show!

    I believe there is a process unfolding in the world, where people are worn down by details and distractions so much of their lives, that they lose the ability to focus on big questions, even for a short period of time. At the same time, the solid understanding they may have reached on big questions earlier in life begins to seep away from them. As a result, they lose confidence that they have any answers at all.

    This show–and all the good work you are doing–is of great help to all of us who are trying to not only answer the big questions, but to follow God and help share his good news with others.

    Many thanks,


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